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About Us

Established in 2012, CMTrading has quickly grown into one of the best-performing international brokersOur diverse offering of tradable markets, tailored account types and award-winning customer service sets us apart from the competition. 



We have won several awards for our performance and services in Africa and the GCC. In 2019, we were named Africa’s best financial broker by the International Business Magazine and the GCC’s Fastest Growing Online Broker by the Global Brands Magazine. 



  • Integrity – We enable our traders to quickly and easily withdraw funds from their accounts and are committed to providing them with a fair and transparent service.  
  • Security – From high-level encryption algorithms to the safest payment methods, we aim to protect our traders and their investments from the very first step. 
  • Innovation – We provide our traders with groundbreaking technological solutions in the form of leading trading platforms like Sirix and MT4. 
  • Success – Thanks to our comprehensive educational library, customized educational packages, daily market updates, professional webinars, and unique trading tools such as the Guardian Angel, CMTrading is constantly innovating to provide you with tools you need to succeed. 



One of the most important factors in a trader’s success is a trustworthy broker. At CMTrading we have combined years of experience with incredible support and service for our clients. 

We provide all our clients with top-tier security systems, a state-of-the-art trading platform, effective trading signals, educational webinars and much more. 

We believe in providing the best personal support and service for our clients. We operate successfully around the globe and provide top-notch services and platforms. Our goal is to make trading as easy and enjoyable as possible.  

Discovering trading methods and learning how to benefit from market opportunities is critical to your success. We want our clients to feel as empowered as possible when it comes to their trading goals. We provide a wide variety of training videos, webinars, technical analysis and e-books all for free! 


Being prepared for various market scenarios is critical to a trader’s success. The more prepared you are, the better your trading performance will be. 

CMTrading’s goal is to help each of our clients achieve their financial goals. It’s of utmost importance to come up with a strategy that effectively utilizes trading signals and make sure it suits your individual trading goals. It will aid your success if you remain disciplined, calculated and patient as you follow through with your strategy. Trading is a long-term activity, don’t trade based on emotion or beyond your means to ensure continued growth. At the end of the day, you can’t change the volatility of the market, but responsible trading will protect you from unnecessary losses. 



All clients’ funds deposited with CMTrading are kept in segregated bank accounts in top-tier banks, including Barclays Bank PLC and Nedbank. These funds are fully separated from the company’s funds. The objective of the separation is to ensure that clients’ funds cannot be used for any other purposes. 

However, to ensure safety of client funds, it’s not enough to just have your account with a regulated broker. You also need to know that your account data is safe and secure. Therefore, CMTrading utilizes cutting edge technology to ensure that all our clients’ information is protected when you sign up and fund your account. 

To achieve this, our website and data centers are all SSL certified. In addition, we use firewalls on both the software and hardware ends to maximize our data protection. 



Transparent Communication: We ensure that CMTrading customers enjoy a transparent trading environment. All information about CMTrading products and services such as fees, rules, commissions and costs are clearly and precisely stated. We will inform you of any conflicts of interest as they are brought to our attention. 

Client-oriented Service Delivery: We consider your trading preferences and risk appetite before we provide any advice or suggestions vis-à-vis a particular product, service, or transaction. 

Early Warnings: We will inform you of potential upsets in the trading process and how to correct it as soon as we’re made aware of it. 

Prompt Execution: We will answer your queries and execute your transactions promptly and efficiently. 

Address Complaints Professionally: CMTrading has a stringent customer feedback system to ensure high-quality service delivery. By addressing your complaints professionally and promptly, we aim to provide great customer support and satisfaction. 

Feedback Incorporation: We consistently ask for and incorporate your feedback. 

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